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2006 HHR Charging system

Hi I have had a bit of trouble with my HHR's charging system...It first started in July 2012 It would not start after I was at car wash with music blaring, thinking I wore battery out, but how could I do that in a 10 min time period?
I had to ask someone for a boost, when he did it blew my power steering relay?
I didn't realize that the posts under the hood are just...... posts...they are not boost friendly...Ok skip to today Sept 18, I was driving, thought I was running out of gas, car stalled, I waited for a tow truck whom brought me fuel , In the meantime I tried to start car to move a little further off the road, Light come on stating check charging system...
It was dead again, I had the tow truck driver boost me but this time from the actual battery in the back of the car....
My question now is I drove to work went out periodically to start and it did, but what do I check to make sure this does not happen in the middle of winter on a back road...I take one to get to work as it is my only option....
Is it possibly fuses , alternator...?
Is this an HHR common issue?

Does this happen only under

Does this happen only under wet conditions? Was it raining today where you were driving?

It may be the alternator. Have it tested.

Is your HHR having any other symptoms?

Micbyte, What you're


What you're describin here is NOT a common issue to an HHR. In other words it can HAPPEN to ANY vehicle. There are two systems at work here. The "Starting System" and the "Charging System". There is a test called a "Load Test" that is used to EVALUATE the INTEGRITY of "Both Systems". MANY repair shops and auto part stores will do the test for FREE. To me it sounds like an "Alternator" problem, but at this time DON'T REPLACE the alternator or ANY PARTS. Simply have the "Load Test" done and post the results here so we can see them. From there we'll TELL you what to do.